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Pamper-your-skin Combo Pack offers you two excellent oils for your skin and complexion- namely the Bala-Shatavari Body Massage oil and Kumkumadi Oil for your face care. The Bala-Shatavari oil takes care of your bones, muscles and skin. Regular massage with this oil gives you a well-toned body with a soft and smooth skin. Come winter and skin becomes dry and lifeless. Bala-Shatavari oil is used to combat just that. And for your face -no need to use any chemicals to get back the glowing and radiant complexion. Kumkumadi Tailam made from the goodness of pure saffron gets rid off blemishes, dark circles under the eyes, dark spots on the face, hyper pigmentation. This night time oil works as a wonderful anti-ageing oil. The Parimal Body Scrub for the after wash- be it body or face. Made from herbs such as Sandalwood, Vetiver, Licorice, and Indian Madder, this is a blood purifying, exfoliating scrub as well as a face pack. A wonderful substitute for soap. It is used for the famous Udvartanam. Just make a paste of the Parimal Body scrub in either milk, rose water or a combination of both and apply it either on your body or face to wash off the excess oil. And experience a soft, smooth and silky skin. 

Spring Flower Herbals-Pamper-your-skin Combo Pack

SKU: SKU 0009
₹840.00 Regular Price
₹815.00Sale Price
  • Shipping charges not included in the price of the Combo Pack. For shipping in Pune an additional charge of INR 50 will be added to the total. INR 150 for shipping anywhere in India.

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