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A good bath with this scrub after a relaxing massage gives you a glowing complexion, with soft and smooth skin. The scrub helps the body to exfoliate and prevents unplesant body odour.

Parimal Body Scrub

SKU: 0005
100 Grams
  • The Parimal Body Scrub is made from all anti Pitta and blood purifying herbs. It is recommended after an oil massage to cleanse the skin. It is a good substitute for soap, especially for people with sensitive skin or with any skin diseases. Not only does it cure skin problems, but also gets rid of bad body odour due to excessive sweating. Makes a very good face wash. This can be used for Udvartanam too or as the Ubatan during Diwali. Make a paste of the powder with either milk, rose water or oil and apply it over the body or face and wash it off after drying. The fragrant herbs leave a soft, smooth and glowing skin and complexion. 

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