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This oil is made from pure saffron and enriches and enhances your complexion making your skin brighter and healthier. 

Mahanarayan Oil

SKU: 0001
100 Milliliters
  • Just as the Lord Vishnu safeguards all life on the earth, so does this oil safeguard our body& cure it from many dreadful diseases such as hemiplegia, backache, stiffness of the neck, head and jaw, distorted gait, wasting of body parts, fever, sciatica, etc.- hence the name Mahanarayan tailam.Made from 30 different medicinal herbs, Shatavari juice& cow's milk, this oil is very popular amongst Ayurvedic Physicians. Regular use of this oil wins over the vitiated Vata dosha and cures many diseases caused by it. Useful in therapies such as Nasya, Basti and Abhyangam. 

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