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Mahanarayan Tailam and the Parimal Body Scrub- this oil is an excellent body massage oil. Not only does it cure diseases caused due to the vitiated Vata Dosha, but it also rejuvenates and refreshes the body. It helps the body recover from the daily wear and tear and breathes new life into the cells and tissues.

The Parimal Body Scrub can be used to bathe after a massage with the Mahanarayan Tailam. The scrub can either be mixed with milk or rose water and applied all over the body instead of soap just before bathing. Will leave your skin feeling clean, soft, smooth and silky and refreshed and rejuvenated. 

Rejuvenating Kit

₹565.00 Regular Price
₹540.00Sale Price
  • Shipping charges extra- INR 50-150 depending on the distance of the destination from the point of shipping. 

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