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Another effective  oil used for Nasya therapy. Reduces stress, anxiety and tension. Helps in inducing sleep hence useful in the treatment of insomnia. Nourishes the sense organs and hence improves, eyesight, hearing, taste, sense of smell and also improves the facial complexion. Arrests premature greying of hair and hairfall.  

Ksheerbala Tailam- for Nasya

1 Milliliter
  • Additional shipping charges INR 50-150 shall be added to the price of the oil, depending on the distance of the destination from the point of shipping.

    1. Avoid going out in the open for at least an hour before and after the therapy. 
    2. Lie down in a comfortable position with a pillow under your neck. 
    3. With the dropper instil 2-3 drops of the medicated oil in each nostril. 
    4. Gently massage the nose and face while still lying down. 
    5. You can get up after 10 minutes of instilling the oil. 
    6. Spit out any medication that trickles into your throat. 
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