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It is said that the skin is a mirror to your gut. Bronze or Kansya not only acts superficially on the skin but it is said to have qualities that improve and maintain your gut health. Hence cooking and eating in and out of bronze utensils is very highly recommended to maintain a balance of the Tridoshas and in turn your good health.

Kansa or Kansya Wands

  • Kansa or Kansya is an important alloy made from copper and tin. Also known as the bell metal or Bronze, this metal has various health benefits and uses.

    It is mainly used in the treatment of skin diseases and problems. Kansya or bronze acts on all the three Doshas.
    It reduces increased and vitiated Kapha dosha and regulates vitiated Vata and Pitta doshas. As it acts on the Pitta dosha,
    It naturally acts on blood too- it purifies the blood and improves the quality of blood. When used to massage the body/face/feet micro particles of bronze enter our skin through its tiny pores and enhance the blood (Rakta) purification, Pitta regulation and effectively the blood circulation.

    A facial or a body massage with Kumkumadi & Bala-Shatavari oil with a Kansya wand not only refreshes the skin but also rejuvenates it imparting a radiance and a wonderful golden glow to it. A kansya wand is just a modern version of the kansya bowl that is present in almost every Indian household. Used very often to massage feet- to keep away the heat so to say, this has always been used to soothe the burning of feet or skin due to increased and vitiated Pitta dosha. The wand is this very bowl fitted with a very easy to hold wooden handle. Massage with oil and the wand relieves pain too and improves blood circulation.

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